End Attempt

End Attempt offers Test-takers the possibility of exiting from a particular Item in a Test without completing it.

Note: Strictly speaking, End Attempt is an interaction as it allows the test-taker to interact with TAO to end his/her attempt at an item. It has not been included with the descriptions of the other interactions, however, as it doesn’t relate to a question/response scenario.

1. Including End Attempt in your test item.

The End attempt option can be added to a test item by means of an inline interaction inserted into a text block.

After you have created a new Item, a Text Block is inserted by dragging a Text Block Block from the Inline Interactions Library below Common Interactions on the left, onto the blank Item and dropping it onto the Canvas. This creates a field (containing a sample text).

End Attempt
End Attempt

To insert the End Attempt button, drag the End Attempt icon End Attempt from the Inline Interactions library below Common Interactions on the left, onto the text field and drop it onto the canvas.

A blue button will appear in the text box, reading End Attempt.

A test-taker can click on this button during a test to indicate that he/she wants to give up on that particular item. The test normally then moves on to the next item.