Changing IPs

These instructions will assist you in changing the IP of your TAO instance should it need to be moved on the network.

Should you need to change the IP of the server where you installed TAO, you will need to make changes to TAO and potentially your web server. Depending on your environment, you may need to configure networking and firewalls to allow access to your computer as well.

To reconfigure TAO, you will need to edit generis.conf.php in the config directory where you installed TAO:

nano config/generis.conf.php

In this file you will need to update the ROOT_URL parameter:

define('ROOT_URL','http://<new IP>/tao/');

Note: Do not change the LOCAL_NAMESPACE parameter as this is used by TAO as an identifier prefix.

If you followed the installation instructions, you will need to change your apache.conf or httpd.conf file for the Listen and ServerName parameters. If you configured Apache or used a different web server, please refer to their documentation as necessary.