Adding Content to an Item

Items may include interactions, allowing the Test-taker to interact with the item, as well as titles, images and other media, and text, which help the Test-taker understand the expectations and context of the assessment material presented within.

Once you have created a new item (see the section Creating a test item), you can start to fill it with content. This includes interactions, as well as any other resources that are needed.

Adding Interactions

In the library on the left of your newly created item, you will see the Common Interactions catalog. You will find the other types of interaction below this catalog: Inline Interactions, Graphic Interactions and Custom Interactions. There are more than 17 types of interaction in TAO. You can navigate these catalogs to choose the types of interaction you want to use for your item. The Interaction Types section will tell you about the different types of interaction which you can use in TAO.

Note that an item generally contains only one interaction type, but you can create an item which contains more than one interaction: Item complexity ranges from simple items with a single interaction to composite items with multiple interactions. Once you have added and prepared one interaction in your item, drag another interaction template from the Interactions Library onto the Canvas below or beside the interaction you have just authored, and repeat the authoring process for the new interaction.

Adding Contextual Information

To add images and other media, and texts, to your item, see the sections under Other Item Content.