December 2023 Release

We’re excited to announce new features and improvements in our TAO December 2023 Release!

TAO Advance Updates & Fixes:

  • Text-to-Speech Text Help: Enhance your testing with Text-to-Speech features from Text Help. Text-to-Speech features in TAO Advance provide an accessible experience for all test-takers and are especially beneficial for those with reading challenges or visual impairments.

  • Advanced Branching Rules: Our improved branching rules allow tests to adapt based on student responses within section and test parts.

  • Multiple Test Attempts: This feature enables test-takers to retake the same test, allowing the ability to track the progress over time.

  • Math Input Enhancements: The math input question type now supports additional symbols such as “%, °, |, ≈,” broadening the scope for mathematical expressions.

  • Media Question Type Fix: Volume bar issues when using Firefox have been addressed.

  • Extended Text Question Improvements: We’ve resolved word count issues and continue to enhance accuracy.

TAO Insights Updates & Fixes:

  • PDF Support: TAO now supports PDF export functionality for reports, making it easier to share and analyze test data.

  • Report Display Correction:

    • Corrected the display of question labels in individual student reports.

    • Ensured session progress notifications accurately reflect real-time status

Stay tuned for more updates and features in future releases!