We’re excited to announce some new improvements and fixes that we’ve made to TAO in this release. Check out the overview below:

TAO Ignite, Pro & Enterprise

TAO Authoring 

  • When moving a folder to a new destination, its access control permissions will be merged with those in the destination folder.
  • It’s now easier for test authors to apply the same category tags, navigation, and test-taker tools when creating a subsection of a test.
  • Authors can now easily define and delete tooltips when creating questions thanks to our tooltip capability.
  • The way that images are added to graphic interactions has been improved so that they will be resized to fit the area in which they are added. Authors can also use a slider to adjust the image size when questions have a fixed width.
  • Inline choices can now insert and edit ruby tags.
  • When previewing a test using an Extended Text interaction using TAO Advance, a word count is also displayed.
  • The exported results from the backoffice now have the ability to include results for multiple instances of the same item used in the same test.

TAO Advance 

  • Improvements have been made to RLT support on TAO Advance.
  • An issue with applying styles when adding a horizontal line separator or image captions in a question has been fixed.
  • An issue where test runner results might be lost if an item title is too long has been fixed.