July 2023 Product Release Notes

At OAT, we are committed to continuous improvement and providing you with the most reliable and user-friendly experience possible. See what’s new in the latest TAO Ignite release!


  • Item & Test Preview: Users can now preview their items with the same look & feel as TAO Advance, making it easier to validate the content as it will be experienced by test takers in TAO Advance.

TAO Advance:

  • Spanish Language Support: Users can now navigate and interact with the platform in Spanish, providing a more inclusive and accessible experience for Spanish-speaking individuals.

  • Fix: Extra Time Reset: We have resolved an issue where extra time granted to test-takers was incorrectly reset to the initially granted value after proctor termination and reopening of the test session. This fix ensures that the extra time remains accurate and consistent, preserving fairness and reliability in test-taking.

  • Fix: Jump Menu Question Count: We have addressed an issue where the jump menu on the Overview page in review mode inaccurately counted questions for tests with multiple parts. This fix guarantees that the question count in the jump menu reflects the total number of questions across all parts, enhancing navigation and facilitating a comprehensive review.

  • Fix: Reporting Irregularity Action: We have resolved a problem where the reporting irregularity action failed after a test-taker finishes a proctored session. Proctors can now successfully report irregularities, ensuring accurate recording and appropriate action, thereby maintaining the integrity of the test administration process.