Enabling Text-to-Speech

In the Premium edition of TAO, Tests can be configured to provide Test-takers with the option of hearing the test content as well as reading it.

The text-to-speech functionality allows the test-taker to hear the test questions, or parts of them, read aloud. It is configured on the Section and Item levels of a test.

To carry out the steps below to activate this functionality for your test:

After creating a new Test, configure the Properties for each section or item for which you wish to activate the test-to-speech functionality.

Click on the appropriate properties icon (depicted as three interacting cogs) for the relevant section/item. The Section level properties icon can be found on the right of each section. The Item level properties icon can be found on the right of each item.

The properties will appear in the Properties Panel on the right.

Open the drop-down menu Test-taker Tools and check the Text to Speech box at the bottom.

The text-to-speech functionality is now enabled, and will be available to test-takers for the relevant sections or items of your test.

Text to Speech
Text to Speech