We’re excited to share the new improvements we’ve been making to the TAO platform! Read on to find the latest product updates from August that have been released to TAO Enterprise. Stay tuned for updates to TAO Core & Ignite & Pro.

TAO Enterprise

The following updates have been released for TAO Enterprise.

Authoring Updates

  • A problem was fixed regarding items using a Choice Interaction with a single choice defined, where the items were inadvertently saved as expecting multiple test-taker responses.
  • An issue that led to an invalid QTI item when attempting to add an image to the body of a Gap Match or Hottext Interaction was fixed.
  • The usability when defining the order for a Graphic Order Interaction has been improved whenever choosing and then deleting the order.
  • The capability to include image captions had been added to any image while authoring items and passages. The HTML tag <figcaption/> is also used in this case for accessibility purposes.
  • An issue was fixed with File Upload Interaction so that audio or video media now use the full width available.