Discover what’s new with TAO as we’ve been working behind the scenes to refine and align our product to the needs and expectations of both our users and the greater assessment industry. Below, you’ll find the latest product updates from July that have been released to TAO Enterprise. Stay tuned for updates to TAO Core, Ignite, and Pro.

TAO Enterprise

The following updates have been released for TAO Enterprise.

Authoring Updates

  • A new “Copy to” functionality was added for Items and Assets classes, allowing users to copy the entire contents of a class to another location together with the metadata (as long as the same metadata schema exists in the destination) and ACL (Access Control List).

TAO Grader

  • The reassign functionality for scoring assignments in TAO Grader has been improved by no longer including the original Scorer in the list of eligible Reviewers.

TAO Advance 

  • The ability to restart a delivery for a given test-taker has been added by using the custom parameter “deliverySetting.reset: true”. This will allow deleting the previous responses and starting over fresh with a new delivery execution.
  • A problem with the loading indicator was fixed whenever a test-taker session was forcibly closed by a proctor using TAO Advance & LTI 1.3.
  • The ability for a test-taker to insert an image when using the Extended Text Interaction (in rich-text mode) has been added. On iOS devices, the functionality allows the test-taker to take a picture using their camera and then use it in the interaction.
  • A counter for the number of typed words in the Extended Text Interaction has been added for easier tracking by both the test-taker and the reviewer.
  • The capability for Android devices to view PDF files embedded into interactions has been added.