June 2023 Release

We’re working behind the scenes to bring you new product enhancements and innovations every month. Discover the latest updates to TAO!

TAO Advance
  • Accessibility in the Calculator test-taker tool has been improved by instructing screen readers to read expressions and results only once. This enhancement ensures a smoother experience for users who rely on screen readers for accessibility.
  • The detection of wrong syntax in the Calculator test-taker tool has been enhanced. The system now provides more accurate feedback and prompts for correcting syntax errors, resulting in improved usability and accuracy.
TAO Insights
  • An issue with retrieving the test taker ID on the delivery results endpoint has been fixed. Test taker IDs can now be accurately accessed, ensuring seamless data retrieval.
  • The flexibility for inheriting permissions has been increased when copying or moving classes in the item/test/asset bank. You can now choose to keep the original permissions or inherit the destination permissions, providing greater control and ease of use.
  • An issue where incorrect warnings were displayed when setting the Max. Execution field to “0” on deliveries has been fixed. Users will now receive accurate warnings based on the correct parameters, enhancing the overall delivery management process.
We are dedicated to continually improving our products to provide you with the best experience possible. Stay tuned for more updates in the future!