Items: An Overview

Items are the basic building blocks for Tests. For a full definition, see What is an Item?

This section provides an overview of how to manage your items, including their creation, what to put in an item, how to view them, and their use once created.

1. Creating a new item.

Items first need to be created before they are populated with the desired Interactions and any further material required so they can be used in assessments. See Creating a new Item for information on how to do this.

2. What to include in your item.

Pictures and media such as audio or video files can be included in your Item. For more information on how to add media to your items, see Adding Media. To create media interactions see the section on Media Interactions.

For managing resources which are included in your items (which includes all of the resources mentioned above), see the Media Manager section.

3. Making decisions about your item.

There are some decisions you will need to take during the process of creating your item. These involve the following:

How do you want your item to appear? For decisions on the style of your item, see the Style Editor.

Will the Test-taker receive feedback during the test? See Modal feedback.

How will the item be scored? There are various possibilities here: see Item scoring rules.

4. Previewing your items.

Before finalizing your item, it is a good idea to preview it. For more information on how to do this, see: Preview.

5. Importing and exporting your items.

You can import and export your items to and from different storage devices. For more information on how to do this, see Importing Items and Exporting Items.